Jesse Michael Barr & Friends Organ Funk

This video is from a show I put on in late 2013 featuring funky organ player, Dan Shaw and funky drummer, Nate Parker.  I lived with these two for a brief while and we made some great recordings (soon to be released).  Also featured in the video is Evan Oberla (Trombone) and Danny Aguiar, a fine Brazilian percussionist.


If I Had - The Middle Rats

The newest original songs from The Middle Rats.  Recorded outside a Spanish villa in Clintonville.  Migrating geese and all.


"Phoenix Califronia" - Video Release

A song I wrote inspired by and recorded in a cabin in Hocking Hills, Ohio.
Musical help from my good buddies Jon Elliott, Joey Hebdo, and Mike James.
Recording engineered heroically by Jay Alton.
B&W Photos by Elizabeth Nihiser.
Song is available on The Middle Rats Album


We Are the Middle Rats

Elizabeth and Jay followed us with their cameras as we romped through the wintery woods in Hocking Hills, Ohio.  This was shot in and around the cabin where we recorded "The Middle Rats" album.  

This is the title track, "We Are the Middle Rats", from the album "The Middle Rats", by the band "The Middle Rats".  Anyway, notice the New York subway sample at the top of the tune.  We made it ourselves using a megaphone and a microwave.

Joey Hebdo:  Vocals
Jon Elliott:  Vocals
Jesse Michael Barr:  Guitars, vocals
Mike James:  Guitars, drums, vocals

Song is available on The Middle Rats Album
Video Editing by Elizabeth Nihiser


Ohio's Tribute to Neil Young

See these lonely boys?  Out on the weekend.  This video is the just the beginning of one of the most fun and intimate shows I've yet played in the fine town of Athens.  (Home to Ohio University).  They really know and love their music here.

This was such a great night in Athens with 2 of my favorite singers in the world, Happy Chichester and Joey Hebdo.  Thank you Jackie O's for you enthusiasm.  Especially the guy in the front row!  What a wonderful chance to sing some great harmonies and play some Neil Young songs.  The crowd was in a great mood that night.  Maybe it was the 12% craft beer or maybe the band just killed it.  Either way, it was great fun and I'm grateful to everyone who was there.


Sohud Appears on Google Maps!

It's official!  According to the all-knowing, all-seeing Lord Google, the formerly un-named neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio has been named "SOHUD".  I was amazed to discover this name had entered the mainstream after our grassroots efforts.

As a resident of this burgeoning bohemian neighborhood, I've always wanted it to have a suitable name.  It has always had it's own original feel and flavor, apart from that of the surrounding neighborhoods, and never had its own distinguishing name.  Over the years, some whimsical monikers have floated up from the colloquial underground like, "Washington Beach", "Little Amsterdam", and "Baja Clintonville".

Yet, I always called it "SoHud", (SOuth of HUDson St.)  which was my funny little way of paying tribute to former bohemian mecca and famous New York City neighborhood SOHO. (SOuth of HOuston St), which got it's name from the original underground London district.

In 2008, I formed the "SoHud Music Collective", and organized 5 classic shows called, "SoHud Super Shows", with the help from the top Sohud bands and our wonderful OSU interns.  It's very rewarding to create a movement of grassroots love and music that leaves a lasting mark on your city.


Jesse Michael Barr Featured in Columbus Alive!

"The world is literally in Jesse Michael Barr’s eye on the cover of his band’s new album, “Max Power’s Revenge.” He hopes it’ll be in your ear when you listen.

The album, which stops in Algeria, Amsterdam, New Orleans and New York on a journey through reggae guitar, funk horns and soulful backing vocals, records Barr’s literal and musical journeys.

The band once dubbed the Max Power Trio is now a swelling and contracting ensemble of nine players. Hence the name change to something more honest: Jesse Michael Barr and Friends.

The “full monty,” as Barr says, will play a series of shows in Columbus and elsewhere in Ohio in the next couple of weeks. Two of the friends will travel with Barr to California, Oregon and Washington next month for a 10-day tour...."(see full story)